3-D Series Impedance Extraction using Effective Internal Impedance

Beom-Taek Lee, Emre Tuncer*, and Dean P. Neikirk

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

WWW: http://weewave.mer.utexas.edu/

*current address: Quad Design

This work was supported by the Texas Advanced Technology Program and the ARPA ASEM Program

Impedance Extraction using Effective Internal Impedance


Quasi-Static technique for skin-depth limited problems


External solvers:  current-filament techniques


EII: rectangular bar


EII of triangular patch


Application in three dimensions:  right angle bend


Example: bend in coplanar square conductors


Bend impedance for long arms


Coplanar bend: run time comparison


Total impedance for coplanar strips with bend


Coplanar meander line


Coplanar meander impedance


Surface ribbon method for 3-D impedance extraction