Research in the Microelectromagnetic Device Group

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Link to Master's theses and PhD dissertations written by members of our group.

Various annual and technical reports for some of our research contracts and grants:

Grant title: Journal and Thrust Bearings with Active Deformable Surfaces
Co-Principal Investigators: I. Busch-Vishniac, D.P. Neikirk, W. Weldon, and K. Wood.
Sponsoring Agency: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
beginning: Sept. 1, 1992
ending: Sept. 30, 1995

Grant title: Modeling and Design for Reduced Cross Talk in Mixed Signal Analog / Digital IC Packages for Wireless Applications
Co-Principal Investigators: D. P. Neikirk and Guanghan Xu
Sponsoring Agency: DoD Advanced Research Projects Agency / AFOSR
beginning: Fall, 1995
ending: Fall, 1998

Grant title: Modeling and High Frequency Characterization of Low K Dielectrics
Principal Investigator: D. P. Neikirk
Sponsoring Agency: SEMATECH
beginning: March 1996
ending: March 1997

Grant title: Design, Growth, and Fabrication of New Memory Switching Quantum Storage Devices
Principal Investigators: D.P. Neikirk
Sponsoring Agency: Texas Advanced Research Program
beginning: Jan. 1996
ending: Aug. 1998