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PhD Supervisions completed:

Tom Linton, dissertation title: "Analysis of Three-Dimensional Effects in Advanced VLSI Devices," May, 1989.

Robert L. Rogers, dissertation title: "A Study of Slot and Dipole Antennas on Layered Electrically Thick Dielectric Substrates for Far Infrared and Millimeter Wave Imaging Arrays," May, 1989.

Vijay Kesan, dissertation title: "Quantum Well Devices for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Oscillator Applications," May, 1989.

Stuart Wentworth, dissertation title: "Far Infrared Microbolometer Detectors," May, 1990.

Philip Cheung, dissertation title: "Coplanar Waveguide Phase-Shifters," Aug, 1990.

Shiaw-Jong Chen (ME) (co-supervisor: Ilene Busch-Vishniac, Dept. Of ME), dissertation title: "Magnetic Suspension Driven, Automated, Contact Analytical Prober," Dec., 1992.

Alwin Tsao, dissertation title: "Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth and Fabrication of Microwave and Photonic Devices for Hybrid Integration on Alternative Substrates, " May, 1993.

Jason Lewis (MS&E), dissertation title: "Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimeter Microbolometer Detectors, " May, 1994.

Vijay Reddy, dissertation title: "Characterization of High Frequency Oscillators and Varactor Diodes Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy," May, 1994.

Saiful Islam, dissertation title: "Modeling and Experimental Studies of Schottky-Contacted Coplanar Waveguide Transmission Lines on Semiconductor Substrates," Aug. 1994.

Kiran Kumar Gullapalli, dissertation title: "Heterostructure Device Simulation using the Wigner Function," Aug. 1994.

Youngmin Kim, dissertation title: "Application of Micromachining Techniques for Fabry-Perot Cavity Based Microsensors," Aug. 1995.

Emre Tuncer, dissertation title: "Extraction of Parameters for High Speed Digital Interconnects," Dec. 1995.

Byron Krauter (co-supervisor with L. T. Pileggi), dissertation title: "Formulating Sparse Partial Inductance Matrices," Dec. 1995.

Li-Chung Wang (co-supervisor with M. R. Mercer), dissertation title: "Reducing Defective Parts Levels Via Unbiased Tests," May 1996.

Jaeheon Han, dissertation title: "Fabry-Perot Pressure and Chemical Sensors by Silicon Micromachining Techniques," Aug. 1996.

Beom-Taek Lee, dissertation title: "Efficient Series Impedance Extraction Using Effective Internal Impedance,"Aug. 1996.

Olin Hartin, dissertation title: "Quantum Transport Simulations of Novel Compound Semiconductor Devices," May, 1998.

Sangwoo Kim, dissertation title: "Multiconductor Transmission Line Analysis Using Surface Ribbon Method (abstract),"Aug. 1999. Link to complete dissertation .

Robert J. Friar, dissertation title: Analysis, Design, and Measurement of On-Wafer Transmission Line Test Structures, May 2000.

Seung-JinYoo, dissertation title: "Micromachined Wavelength Selective Microbolometer Sensors Operating at Room Temperature," December 2000.

Young-Soo Sohn, dissertation title: MEMS Based Microfluidic Structure for Biological and Chemical Sensor Array, May 2001.


MS Supervisions completed:

Vijay Kesan, thesis title: "Quantum Well Devices," Fall 1986.

Rodney Greene, thesis title: "Contactless Characterization of Thin Layers on Semi-insulating GaAs by a Microwave Impedance Technique," Spring 1987.

Stuart Wentworth, thesis title: "High Frequency Characteristics of Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) Interconnects," Summer 1987.

Jeffrey Meitz, thesis title: "Plasma Etching of Semiconductor Materials," Summer 1987.

Philip Cheung, thesis title: "A Preliminary Study of an Optically Controlled Coplanar Waveguide Phase Shifter," Fall 1987.

Douglas Miller, thesis title: "Micro Computer Implementation of a Comprehensive Process Characterization Test Station," Spring 1988.

David Leason, thesis title: "Characterization of Thin Films on Semi-insulating GaAs via Microwave Reflectometry," Spring 1989.

Vijay Reddy, thesis title: "Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of AlAs/GaAs Double Barrier Resonant Tunneling Diodes," Spring 1990.

Saiful Islam, thesis title: "Optically Controlled Tunable Coplanar Waveguide Resonator," Spring 1990.

John Heston, thesis title: "Development of Twin Slot Antenna Structures for Millimeter Wave Imaging Applications," Summer 1990.

M. Garrett Neaves, thesis title: "MOS Capacitor Evaluation in the Microelectronics Fabrication Teaching Laboratory," Summer 1990.

Kristel Wickham, thesis title: "Fabrication and Testing of Thin Film, High Temperature, DC Squids," Summer 1990.

Youngmin Kim, thesis title: "Fabrication and Characterization of a New Position Sensitive Photodetector," Fall 1990.

John E. Post, Jr., thesis title: "An Investigation of the Accuracy of Thin Layer Characterization Using Microwave Reflectometry," Spring 1991.

Kiran Kumar Gullapalli, thesis title: "Simulation of Electron Transport in Double Barrier Diodes," Summer 1991.

Shiva Javalagi, thesis title: "High Power and High Efficiency Quantum Well Oscillators," Fall 1991.

Emre Tuncer, thesis title: "Modeling of High Speed Digital Interconnects," Summer 1992.

Vikas Gupta, thesis title: "Design of a Proximity Sensor using Inductors, Compatible with Integrated Circuit Fabrication," Summer 1995.

Sangwoo Kim, thesis title: "Compact Equivalent Circuit Modeling for the Skin Effect", Spring 1996.

Robert Friar, thesis title: "High Frequency Capacitance Measurements of On-Wafer Comb Structures Filled with Low-K Dielectrics," Spring 1997.

Seung-Jin Yoo, thesis title: "Modeling and Fabrication of Micromachined Inductors," Summer 1997.

Huei_Ching You, thesis title: "An Interface Integrated Circuit of the Inductive Proximity Sensor," Summer 1998.


MS with Report completed:

Chris Seams, report title: "Gettering in Silicon Wafers," Spring 1988.

Nhiem Vinh Nguyen, report title: "The Development of a Gallium Arsenide Wafer-Level Functional Test Facility," Spring 1988.

David Fun, report title: "Crosstalk in High Speed Interconnects," Summer 1988.

Brett Gerhardt, report title: "Silicon Doping in Aluminum Films," Spring 1989.

Shih-Yao Lin, report title: "A re-evealuation of employing spectral domain approach to lossy media," Dec. 1991.

Ashish Vijay Gokhale, "BiCMOS Technology: A Comparison in Terms of Performance and Feasibility," Summer 1992.

Jeffrey Saitas, report title: "Potential Use of Electronic and Optical Devices for the Measurement of Environmental Pollutants," Fall 1994.

Asad M. Sattar, report title: "Flip Chip Packaging in Multichip Modules," Fall 1995.

Faisal Saleem, report title: "Process and Material Issues in Tape Automated Bonding," Spring 1997.

Javed Emdad, report title: "Nonvolatile Semiconductor Memories," Summer 1997.